Weisse Reiher von Derek Walcott, 2012, HanserDerek Walcott

White Egrets
(Leseprobe aus: Weiße Reiher, Gedichte, 2012, Hanser - Übertragung Werner von Koppenfels).


Cautious of time’s light and how often it will allow

the morning shadows to lengthen across the lawn

the stalking egrets to wriggle their beaks and swallow

when you, not they, or you and they, are gone;

for clattering parrots to launch their fleet at sunrise

for April to ignite the African violet

in the drumming world that dampens your tired eyes

behind two clouding lenses, sunrise, sunset,

the quiet ravages of diabetes.

Accept it all with level sentences,

with sculpted settlement that sets each stanza;

learn how the bright lawn puts up no defences

against the egret’s stabbing questions and the night’s answer.


The elegance of those white, orange-billed egrets,

each like a stalking ewer, the thick olive trees,

cedars consoling a stream that roars torrentially

in the wet season; into that peace

beyond desires and beyond regrets,

at which I may arrive eventually,

whose palms droop in the sun like palanquins

with tigerish shadows under them. They shall

be there after my shadow passes with all its sins

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