Noris Roberts

To die and Resurrect...

Under a savage sky,
of looks that stifle,
I seek peace;
a bloody battle is what I find

I perceive,
in this heartless world,
an amalgam of imperfect
with inhumanity

My restricted words disapproved, my memory eclipsed;
stabs strengthen me and I step on to fight,
over the rage that shakes the nudity of my pain,
the scorn that stains the whiteness of the paper
where I write the account of bitter affronts

I struggle with words parading through my veins,
without sparing grief,
loving and hating to die and resurrect;
serenity and forgiveness comes;
on my knees facing the altar

Slow blows that severed my petals
allow me to express:
"although it’s the same to be rose or thorn
and feel drought in every breath I exhale,
I will not stop fighting"

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