Emily Dickinson

The Wind begun to knead the Grass

The Wind begun to knead the Grass -
As Women do a Dough -
He flung a Hand full at the Plain -
A Hand full at the Sky -
The Leaves unhooked themselves from Trees -
And startet all abroad -
The Dust did scoop itself like Hands -
And throw away the Road -
The Wagons quickend on the Street -
The Thunders gossiped low -
The Lightning showed a Yellow Head -
And then a livid Toe -
The Birds put up the Bars to Nests -
The Cattle flung to Barns -
Then came one drop of Giant Rain -
And then, as if the Hands
That held the Dams – had parted hold -
The Waters Wrecked the Sky -
But overlooked my Father´s House -
Just Quartering a Tree -

Rezension I Buchbestellung III17 © LYRIKwelt